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"creating a lifestyle and designing a business"

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

‘Artistry’ means having creative skills and abilities and so seemed a perfect name for my blog. My plan is to offer tips and tricks I learn, give advice, share resources and celebrate successes. Consider ‘Artistry’ as your morning ‘cup of joe‘ to get your creative juices flowing and your bum off the couch! If you love the idea of 'ARTISTRY' in your ‘new beginnings‘ sign up to receive my posts and become a member of my tribe. I promise to keep it real, to provide inspiration and encouragement to help you boldly create your dreams.

. . . . .'Artistry' is about creative skills and abilities I am using to craft new beginnings in business. For years I have planned to launch an art licensing business, but there was always the 'this is not the right time' or the 'there is not enough time' to get started ......... ya da, ya da, ya da. I finally realized I needed to stop making excuses and get serious about launching the business I wanted to have. My desire is to share what I learn along the way so that I can empower you to create the life and business you want as well.

Perhaps you, like me, have been making excuses to keep you from starting your ‘new beginning‘. I want you to know there is never a better day than today to begin. The best advice I have gotten to date came from surface designer Bonnie Christine Forkner. Her advice - ”Do at least one thing everyday to further your business and at the end of the year you will have done 365 things!“ So even on the days when I am the most overwhelmed, I try to remember to just do one thing. Today that one thing on my list was to start my blog! So what’s gonna be your one thing you will do today?

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