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From the time

Hi, I am Dee Ann

  and I so hope you

enjoy spending time browsing my site.  I have always considered myself to be a true creative and an entrepreneur at heart.  I love creating art, building my brand, reading, sewing, trading stocks, learning new things and most importantly, being a wife and grandmother.  As is true of most creatives, having my hand in a lot of pots is what inspires me.  Having spent years growing my own businesses and helping others to do the same, I feel my greatest strength lies in not only having the hands of an artist,

but also the mind of a business owner.

                       I was a young child, I have been refining my artistic style. 

I spent my early years experimenting with every kind of art supplies you could image, exploring oils, clay, watercolor, acrylics, pen and ink and charcoal,  Later, earning a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Graphic Design before the introduction of computer generated art, not only influenced my style, but gave me a large dose of fine art training.  Through the years of working in graphics and continuing to explore fine art,  I have discovered my style - delicate line art

overlaid on a slightly abstract watercolor image, generally with bright, clear, undiluted colors.

  has always been drawn to greeting cards, stationary,

wallpaper, wrapping paper, fabric, fashion and home goods, producing art for these types of products was a natural progression .  All of my artwork is original and is available for purchase as prints and on various products and are available to license in these industries.  My desire is that my art will be timeless, help reflect a woman's uniqueness and will encourage her to build beauty and relationships within the walls of her homes and with friends outside those walls.


                      While art is my main passion, my brand is also about encouraging other women to be bold in designing a residual income lifestyle as well.  I would love to have you join my tribe                          by signing up for my email list so that I can share my journey, insights, tips and latest new finds I've discovered in building a creative business.


Manufacturers seeking to license my art can reach me through the Contact tab above..

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